Hello! I'm Ian


Hey there everyone! My name is Ian Battaglia, and I’m a writer and photographer based out of Chicago IL. I’ve been shooting Fujifilm for a few years now and love to learn and connect with other photographers, so thanks to @zellersamuel for inviting me to this community.

I went to school for Cinema Lighting, which is still my day job (though freelance). In addition, I shoot photos professionally and personally, as well as write essays and fiction. I’d like to expand how much photography work I do, both for clients and personal projects. I’m also working on a novel that I hope to have published.

I’m a little spread out online right now (big goal for 2019 to better organize this stuff!), but here’s a few links:

My blog is: mnchrm.co
My photos can be found on: photos.monochromatic.co as well as Unsplash and Instagram.
I’m on Twitter too.

I shoot X-H1 and adore it. The 23mm f/2 rarely leaves the front of the camera, but I also have a 35mm f/1.4, 90mm f/2, and 7Artisans 55mm f/1.4.

Here’s some of my favorite recent photos of mine:
ian-battaglia-691344-unsplash ian-battaglia-747887-unsplash ian-battaglia-747900-unsplash ian-battaglia-1100831-unsplash ian-battaglia-1218353-unsplash ian-battaglia-1231303-unsplash

Okay, that’s enough out of me. Thanks for having me, and I look forward to meeting more of you!


Hello Ian, welcome! These are some great images. I was in Chicago over the summer and wanted to spend all my time just photowalking. Unfortunately, I couldn’t.


Thanks Will! I do love my city. Lucky for me, it’s really well suited for the sorts of urban candid photos I often take.


Welcome on the forum Ian! Thank you for being so active in the community already, I hope you will enjoy this space.


Thanks Samuel. I’m a big fan of your work and glad to join the community.


Do you use presets?


Yeah, sometimes! I don’t think any of the images above use any. I used to love spending tons of time editing every nice photo I take, but as I’ve matured as a photographer, I’ve found I’m much more happy shooting than editing. I try and spend only a little time editing the shots I like.

I’ve used Samuel’s presets for Lightroom before, as well as VSCO in Lightroom and mobile. I also shoot a lot of jpeg and edit minimally. Though, I’m trying to transition to Capture One, so I’d need some new presets if I wanted to use them anymore!


Thank you for sharing.