Hello! I'm Alex


Hi there everyone!
My name is Alex Blăjan, and I’m a coder and a photographer from Bucharest, Romania.
I’m new to the Fujifilm lineup, just bought an XT-3 with a gorgeous lens 16mm F/1.4. I’m more of a hybrid shooter because I use a little bit of everything. I own a D810 Nikon, a Sony A7R III and now a Fuji.
I like to call myself a lover and not a hater of a specific brand. Each one has their pro and cons.
I love Fuji for their community involvement, the build of the cameras and lens, but especially, the colour science.
Please take care of me and thanks @zellersamuel for the invite.
You can find my pictures on my Unsplash & Instagram profile or you can just send me a tweet.
Some recent pictures from my last trip to Sicily, Italy:


Hello Alex, welcome!


Welcome. Really like the first picture


Hi, I have just arrived too. Your pictures are making me feel I should break out of black and white! Beautiful.