Hello, I'm Adam Bonn!


(Long version)

The name’s Bonn, Adam Bonn.

That’s Bonn as in the very real city, not Bond as in the very fictional secret agent

Reading the intro board we seem to making a new topic each, to say hello.

So hello!

I’m English. I have a name that’s a Geman city and I live in Portugal (in Porto).

I’m the author of ‘my X-Pro1 love affair’ which a humbling number of people seem to have read.

I’m not an official X-Photographer

But I enjoy a close working relationship with Fujifilm Portugal and I’ve written and provided content for Fujifilm UK too

I’m an X-Pro series shooter, primarily with a street and documentary penchant

My commercial work is usually small events, but back in the day I shot corporate (some days I miss back in the day)

I’m always excited to chew the Fuji fat, with a side salad of general photography gristle.

Oh and I like metaphors and similes

Sorry to write so much, but y’know… why start a thread just to say

(Short version)



hey! welcome! do you have an instagram account ? :slight_smile:


Hi @anasklf thanks!


@adamjbonn for IG

Same for twitter

Can’t remember on flickr (listed as my name though)

And my site is http://adambonn.com



The best introduction ever (besides Jarrod’s one)
Welcome on board Adam!


Cheers! I’ll go and read Jarrod’s one now