Hello, I’m Bruno


Or “Bony” for the work.
First, let’s start with the unpleasant news: I am French (LoL)
But, more seriously, I’m sorry for my English:)
I’m a photographer represented by Sipa Press, for the press work and by “Maison Cantegrit” for the… artistic side :)
I’ve worked with Nikon for 30 years and today I favour Fuji.
The X-Pro 2, actually.
So much technology in such a light camera is extraordinary.
Everything in this camera is nice.
Weight, image quality, feel to touch (when turning the diaphragm ring, it’s like opening a safe :) )
Sensation of argentic film, too…
When I worked with this kind of film, I took Fuji.
It’s nice to find again the “old” sensations
For now I work with a 23mm f:2 and the 16-55 f2; 8
Have a good day.
You can see some images on Instagram
or on my site
Many are made with the D800, others with the X-Pro 2


Bienvenue sur le forum Bruno! J’espère que cet endroit te plaira, n’hésite pas a partager tes images dans les différentes catégories de #photography :slight_smile:


Merci Samuel
Je n’hésiterais pas :)
Passe de bonnes fetes de fin d’année