Hello Fujifeeders


Hello to all of you!

I’m Christophe from Belgium. I can’t count the years i’m taking photographs and try to document the life, people and cities around me. After owning some Nikon analog and digital bodies and a heavy bag full of glass I realised that I needed to travel lighter. The Fujifilm XPro2 made shooting fun again, the system is so much smaller, stronger and lighter that I can carry my camera around all the time now. #documentinglife #street #portrait #urban #brussels

I post on my instagram account:

And also on 500px

Let me know what you think of my pictures.
And I love to learn new things and techniques. So if you have tips or tricks you want to share… Don’t hesitate

Have a nice day,


Hi Christophe and welcome to the forum! You’ve got a great eye, I enjoyed your Instagram account very much. Hope you’ll like this place :slight_smile:


Thx Samuel

I didn’t have the time to check everything on the forum. But I’m sure this will be the place to go for everything We will need to know and share.

Hav a nice day,