Hello from Yorkshire, UK



I started photography probably about 6 years ago with a Sony bridge camera & then I bought a used Canon 40D. I was advised to buy a Canon ‘nifty fifty’ which I did & still have, a brilliant lens.

I also bought myself (again used) a Canon EOS-1N, because I love film, I used it for a while but for me film is an expensive medium so I haven’t used it a lot. But to be honest at the time I was relatively new to photography & I wasn’t that good with this camera. But I do miss using film!!

Then about 3 years ago I bought myself a Fuji XPro 1 & it was love at first sight, in fact now I never leave home without it.

My first love is street photography & I also love black & white photography.

I hope to talk to you soon, but be warned I am prone to asking questions if I don’t know something!!

At the moment I post on Flickr as Mick Batey……………….aka Willie Garvin



hello there mate!