Hello from Tennessee!


Hello, my name is Chad Ezell and I’m from just outside Nashville, TN. I bought my first Fujifilm camera, a X-A1, 4 or 5 years ago after returning from my honeymoon wanting something better than my iPhone to take photos with. I had a wonderful experience with the X-A1 and have recently upgraded to a X-T20. I just love the X-T20! I generally keep my xf35f2 on it at all times. It’s a wonderful combo. Shooting landscapes and nature is my first love but, I’ve recently started shooting in the city. I also enjoy photographing my favorite subject, my daughter. I’m excited to continue to learn and interact with all the photographers and hopefully improve my hobby! My work can be found on instagram @orangepartyhat.



Welcome, another Tennessean here (Go Vols). I have been shooting with the X-T2 for almost a year now. Enjoying the change from shooting Canon for a number of years. @randallpollock


GBO! Glad you said hi, nice to meet you. I checked out your insta feed and enjoyed it. Have a great day!