Hello from Seattle, WA


Hi, I’m Suzi! I’m a photographer based in Seattle and I specialize mainly in travel and food photography. I’m actually a Canon/Sony shooter (professionally), but I dabble in Fujifilm, mainly when I borrow my husband’s Fujifilm X-Pro2. We are both venturing into videography and have come to LOVE the X-Pro2’s video features, especially with the new 4K update. Please feel free to check out our new YouTube channel (with new Fujifilm videos added) and subscribe if you’re so inclined.

Where you can find us online:




Hi Suzi and welcome! Feel free to post a link to one of your youtube video that talk about Fujifilm cameras over on this topic -> Fujifilm YouTuber / Vloggers!

Hope you’ll enjoy the forum. Let me know if you have any questions.