Hello From Metro Atlanta, Ga


My name is Louis Perry. I’m a photographer, photographer’s assistant, and program assistant in a college photography program. I’ve been shooting for 38 years, with 34 of those using Canon gear. 4 years ago I sold all of my Canon gear and bought an X-T1/18-55 kit, and have never looked back. Presently, I shoot with a X-T2, and my new X-T3. My lenses are; the 56 1.2, 35 1.4, 16 1.4. Hoping for the 90 very soon. As you can tell, I love primes. That’s because my passion is editorial portraiture. I hope to learn many new things, and maybe help someone with a few things too, on this forum .


Hello Louis, welcome and beautiful work! Looking forward to having you in the community.


Wonderful portraits, great work and welcome!