Hello from Indonesia!


Hi all!

I’m Chandra from Indonesia.
Just started getting back into taking photo recently, and back with Fuji again.
I started with Fuji FinePix 1400 Zoom way back when, followed by FP2600Z, S602Z (my fave Fuji years ago), and F11. Went with Canon for awhile with the Rebel (1000D), 300D, and 60D.
After some vacuum, now back into Fuji fold again. Forgot most of the technical side and starting to learn from scratch again.

I post on two instagram accounts:

Initialy the first was for my other hobby, Table Tennis, and the other was for personal photos. But now both kind of become tangled together while still having that distinction.

I try to post different things on both accounts. Mainly photos I’ve taken during travel in Asia (China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Singapore), USA, and of course my home, Indonesia.

If you would like to see some glimpse of said cities/countries, feel free to browse through.

Looking forward to be a member of the big family here.



Hi Chandra and thank you for that detailed introduction! Looking forward to see what you’ll post in this community. Enjoy your weekend :slight_smile:


Thanks, Sam!
Have a great weekend!