Hello from France


Hello everybody,
My name is Andre Callewaert, which is a Flemish name (Belgian),
I was born in Belgium in avril 1946.
Pensioned since 2003.
Previously CEO of a chemical distributor company located in Paris.
I am living in a small Village, called Massieux, located 15 kms North of Lyon, near the Saône river. I am there since 1977.
Married, one son, three grandchildren.
My hobby is photography. I started with submarine photography, and now mainly wild live, landscapes. This gave me the possibility to travel a lot around the world. But there are so much things to be done.
Till three years ago, I used only Nikon stuff. And there I switched to Fuji (I have two XT2 and various lenses), with satisfaction.
Next January, I will use them in the Nord of Finland, and in February in Island.
I am mainly interested to see from the other members wildlife, landscapes and portraits pictures.
On my side, I use to put some of my pictures on Flick’r.

Best regards to all of you