Hello from Cheshire UK


I’m David living in Cheshire (Mr Perceptive on most forums, name came from a company I used to part own). I work in industrial machine vision (over 25 years) and shoot photography as a hobby/sideline. I’ve been a Fuji X shooter for 5 years now and currently have X100, X100F (on order), X-T2, X-A2, X-E2 and a bucket load of lenses.

I also run some courses and workshops for a local camera shop (as well as a few of my own) www.davidyeomanphotography.co.uk

Looking forward to being able to contribute to this Fuji community.


Hey David, industrial machine vision must be such a fascinating area to work in! I can imagine why you developed a sideline as a photographer. I hope that you will enjoy this newly launched forum :slight_smile: Welcome on board!


Thanks, yes job very varied, done just about everything from counting fish swimming up a river to inspecting nuclear fuel pellets!! A lot of work these days is robot guidance type applications, a little 3D maths never hurt anyone!