Hello from Carly in New Zealand


Hello there. Thanks Samuel for setting up this forum and connecting photographers. I’m mostly a film photographer, but I did buy an XT1 a couple of years ago for it’s autofocus and to use for everyday use and photographing my kids. My main camera is a 1970’s Mamiya C330 and I typically shoot dancers, athletes and portraits in studio. My Instagram is @arotahistudio


Thanks for joining Carly! I really love your work and I’m happy that you’re part of this community. I just looked at the C330, it’s such a beauty :heart_eyes:


Cheers Samuel, I think so too :blush:
I have shared the forum and Fujifeed IG account with a friend @erica_wheadon on Instagram, she shoots with the XT2 and I love her work. Hope thats ok and we see her here soon too.