Hello from Berlin (and Tokyo)


Hi everyone! I am Susanne from Berlin, but currently located in Tokyo. I am very happy owner of a Fuji xt20 and have been shooting quite a bit since I bought this lovely camera. Usually, I shoot with my kit lens, but sometimes also with a Pentax or Helios lens.
I shoot (non-professionally) nature, abstract and experimental as well as people. If around in Tokyo somehow street photography also creeps up in my portfolio.
Looking very much forward to learning and discussing everything Fuji Camera related here.


Hi there! Do you have an instagram account?


Hey there!
Yes, currently two:
@64shadesofhoernchen (my main account)


Welcome! Risu Tuna Susanne Traveler :smile:
Following both =)


Hello! A Tokyo transplant; I’m very jealous. How do you find it as a foreigner, and as a photographer? Great work by the way.