Hello friends- Kiron from London

Hi Everyone,

I am Kiron Ponnath, an enthusiastic photographer from India, currently living in London.

Photography has been a serious passion for me since 2003. I started off with a Fujifilm film camera and now I enjoy the easiness and massive cost-effectiveness of Fujifilm mirrorless systems.

I strongly believe in the aesthetic aspects of Photography and consider it as a serious art form through which I can speak out my mind. I love painting and that artistic qualities helped me a lot in composing pictures and adding a natural element to it. I love Landscape photography a lot and my style is more in capturing the frame in its raw form. I also enjoy shooting portraits, casual events and candid moments. My aim is to impart a long-lasting impression of the moments I capture and images that will be cherished for a lifetime and learn more about this beautiful art-form.

I have already seen some wonderful tips here and hoping to involve in some great discussions!

Would love to get your feedback on my work
IG handle- hues_and_tones https://www.instagram.com/hues_and_tones/