Hello Everyone ,Luis is my name, I'm from Portugal by the sea


Hello, my name is Luis, I 'm from Portugal, living in the west coast near the Ocean, a region called Costa Azul near Sines.
Since last february i’m retired from my job, with extra time to learn more about my passion that was frozen along the last years, until my love offer me a x100s in my birthday. October was a nice month to restart taking pictures agian, after my old Nikon d90 felt to heavy for certain walks.
By that time I open a Instagram account to see what was that and suddenly there were people who liked and saw my photos and commented, which encouraged me to continue, at the same time that introduced me to a multitude of photographers with inspiring ideas and incredible images.(instagram acounts @luis_sambado https://www.instagram.com/luis_sambado/?hl=pt and https://www.instagram.com/lsambado/?hl=pt )
When i get the retirement I decided to give a gift to myself and the fujifilm family grew up with an xpro2 and two lenses WR16mm f1.4 and WR35mm f2.0, and taking advantage of the last BlackFriday I added a WR 50-140mm f2.8.


Bem-vindo, Luís! Abraço!


Obrigado Lino,
As tuas fotos dão-me vontade de completar um desejo que tenho de conhecer as ilhas todas desse lindíssimo arquipélago. Talvez este ano !, abraço


Obrigado pelas palavras. Serás sempre bem vindo! Abraço!


:+1::facepunch: Muito obrigado


Hey Luis, good to see you here!


Thanks a lot Samuel. Not so many times as I want. All the good for you. Hope you are great.