Hellloooo....I'm Mike from Denver. USA


Hello my name is Mike from Denver, CO. Besides not so interesting freelance corporate work, I am a medium format / 35mm film shooter, mainly documentary portraiture.

I am in the process of juggling around sites so all my old personal work that would have never seen the light of day / slowly more serious work / new odds & ends are going through my new instagram account mjfurman_ (was a bit late to that party)

Got rid of one of Nikon work cameras for the X100f as a second body for work but more importantly in theory my last personal digital camera for when I want one.


Welcome Mike from Denver! :slight_smile:
What cameras do you use for medium format and 35mm film photography?
I have a Fujifilm X100T and the X100F looks awesome too!


Medium format I have a couple of older Diana toy cameras and a Hasselblad 500 c/m. 35mm I have Nikon F2 and a Olympus XA. I have been very impressed with the X100F so far.