Helge Jorgensen from Denmark


One way or the other – I’ve always taken pictures. When my father gave me me my first camera back in 1966 – an Kodak Instamatic 50 – the lesson he told me on the art of photography was: Remember to get close. And I’ve tried to follow that teaching. More or less successful over the years.
I stopped taking pictures in the early 1980’s for several reason and got interested in other ways to express myself – mainly in writing. I studied journalism and work as a reporter/journalist for more than 15 years. Now a days I make my basic way of living as bus driver. But I also create websites to make some extra money. I created my first website back in the late 1990’s.
I’ve also been taken pictures without my camera since it’s for longer periods have been left lonely somewhere in the house. Those images were made out of words in poems.
But now photography is back.
In my work I use the Fujifilm x100t and iPhone 6s. And when I edit I use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop + software from MacPhun – especially Tonality Pro since black and white is part of my DNA.

Website: helgejorgensen.dk


Nice to mee you Helge! I’ll be visiting Copenhagen for 3 days in a couple of weeks and looking forward to it. Having never been before, I’m looking for any must-see things while there. Any suggestions? :smiley:


Hi Jonathan

Must see things in Copenhagen in three days - well there are a lot of things going on. But of course n depends on your interests.

I always recommend fotografiskcenter.dk - a small photography exhibition place in central CPH.

This guide is in English http://www.aok.dk/english

It’s quite easy to get around in CPH - it’s not that big. You can see walk around the city center including Nyhavn (lot’s of bars and restaurants) in a few hours.
Visit the neighbourhoods outside the city center Vesterbro, Noerrebro and Nordvest.
The public transportation is quite good and brings you any where pretty fast.
Go north by train and visit Louisiana art Museum - it’s very popular so there’s a lot of people - but worth the visit.
Then there are Tivoli Gardens in the center (pretty expensive entre fee) and north of the city Bakken (very old amusement park - no entry free. It’s located inside a huge forrest like public park.

Enjoy your stay…