Hei ho, I am Retus :)


Hei Everybody,

I am Retus Rieben and living in Lausanne at the lake geneva and Solothurn. I have a huge passion for any kind of photography (Analog, Digital, technologies behind new and old cameras…) and I decided around 2 years ago to wish my first own Camera from my dad. I decided to buy me a X-t10 which I still use and expanded last year my collection with a X-t1. I love Streetphotography, Architecture and Landscape. At the moment I am looking to get into Concert photography. :slight_smile:

So what am I doing when I am not taking pictures: I am Student in Medicine at the university of Lausanne.
To finance the studies I do some photography Jobs and I work in a photo store in Bern. Like already said my big passion is photography and also the technologies behind the modern Cameras, Sensors and Lenses but I am also fascinated from the more old school stuff like TLR or middle (Yashica Mat) and large format photography.

I am glad to be a part of this community and a proud Fuji owner.

Tell me if I can help you or you have questions, I help where I can. (If you are curious about my pictures: insta @iamretusrieben_photography)

Greetings Retus :slight_smile:

P.S sorry I already answered on a post before introducing myself.


Hey Retus, welcome on the forum! I’m from Geneva, Switzerland not far away. Currently looking to get into analog photography (maybe with a Mamiya RZ67). Feel free to post your film work over here https://forum.fujifeed.com/c/analog

Hope you’ll enjoy this place!