Has anyone ordered and received their GFX 50R yet?


My GFX 50R has arrived, the only problem is i can’t collect it for another 3 weeks as i am not in the UK until mid December!

Has anyone got one in their hands yet, i am so curious and excited. I am also concerned about the handling with the 120mm lens on it, will it be a decent studio camera or will i end up trading it for the GFX 50s?


hi there friends, does anyone have any experience from d800 series to fuzi medium format?
mostly for architecture and studio work.

Archie the photo is so tempting haha!


wrap them up and open them at christmas! :grinning:


I received mine from Adorama last Friday. So excited!


I’m Jealous of all of you!

Out of curiosity how difficult is it to justify purchasing one of these? Just dreaming about a GFX makes my wallet tremble.


I cant really justify it… I am selling 3.5K+ of old equipment to fund it. So instead of having a Nikon D800 + mulitple sigma art lens + an X-Pro + 4 Fuji fast lens + Hasselblad 503cwd 16mp digital (beautiful but a pain to use) I will have just the GFX 50R. (+ X100F - can’t part with that)

I feel like i have been waiting for this camera, i can have one to do it all now. All the rest I have bought and collected over the last 5 years or so, it means its not one big pay out!

1 week until i get to the UK and get my hands on it!


So i have had my GFX 50R in my hands for a week or so, i just haven’t found time to take any photos really.

But first impressions are good. It feels better in the hand than i expected, i was worried about this most of all. Its comfortable, i have the 63mm lens so far. I will see how i get on before i get any more.

Here it is next to my old X-Pro1 for size ref. its bit but it also feels small.

Here is a quick portrait i took over dinner, its shot on normal jpeg only as i hadn’t even adjusted the settings.

ISO/800 ; f/2,8 ; 1/80 sec

a 100% crop screen grab, although not so good as not shot full raw etc.

ISO 1000 1/125s f/2.8

A nice depth of field, i think i can feel a subtle difference in the fall off compared to full frame, more tests needed to really justify that comment though.

It feels like a slow camera compared to my X100f, thats to be expected though i guess.

I need to get out and shoot some proper stuff now.