Greetings! I am newbie


I opened this thread just for say hello and wish you good day.

Interested in landscape and portrait photography, I decided to join this forum, because I am owner of Fujifilm X-T2 portrait camera and I have a few questions concerning lenses and gear in general.

My other hobby is video gaming and music. I am big lover of different indie game projects and I am interesten of different photography technique used for graphics creation. For example, photogrammetry: technique using photo of real objects into the world of video game. If you want, you can read my article about it on Gamasutra and let me know your mind.

And of course I would like to share some of my photos and hear your opinion. :wink:

Thanks !


Welcome on the forum Zach! I used to work in 3D so it’s nice to see someone here with that kind of background. Hope you’ll enjoy this place.