Greetings From Southwest Florida


Hi everyone. I’m Christopher and live in Southwest Florida. A special thanks goes out to @zellersamuel for inviting me into this forum!

I’m a mid-50ish year old self-taught hobbyist photographer who has re-ignited his passion for photography that he first had as a young child. As a child I saved up money to purchase a Canon AE-1 (remember that???) and learned about photography through experimentation. I vividly remember manually stopping down the lens and learning about depth of field by setting up toy soldiers in a straight line on the top of my bed and focusing on the first one using different apertures. Yes, I know that sounds strange, but it is true.

I quit photography as a hobby in the mid-80’s and until earlier this year when I purchased an X-T3, I only used my iPhone occasionally to capture images.

So far, I love the X-T3 and the lenses I’ve acquired. I have to give Fujifilm a lot of credit for designing and manufacturing cameras with “that feel”. I can’t describe it but I think you know what I am referring to. The feel of the X-T3 brings me back to my childhood and makes photography fun for me. I’ve very pleased with the quality of the camera system and the overall image quality (I’ve found out that sub-par image quality is not to be blamed on the equipment, but the person operating it…) I’m still finding out what types of photography I enjoy the most. Given my location here in coastal Florida, most of my photography has been centered around nature.

I have a lot to learn about technique, composition, post-processing, but feel I am off to an okay start after a few months. I am eager to learn from this forum and contribute when I can. I plan to ask a lot of dumb questions, so be prepared. If anyone is interested, a few of my recent photos are on IG at @cmcollar.

Thanks again, @zellersamuel, for the invite.