Greetings from rainy Scotland!


Hi everyone! My name is Colin, I’m 34, and I’m a disabled photographer from the Central Belt in Scotland.

I’ve enjoyed photography pretty much all my life, but only really got interested in the technical/creative side of things just over 4 years ago when I picked up a Fuji X20. I instantly fell in love with the Fuji system, but found myself wanting more focal length options. So after a year, I sold the X20 and bought an X-M1. It was a nice enough little camera, but I sorely missed having a viewfinder, so not too long after the X-T2 released I sold the X-M1 and bought a well looked after used X-T1 for a bargain £400. I love this system. I have a nice little collection of lenses now, although there are certainly some that I’d really like to get hold of once I have some spare cash again. I also enjoy adapting old and unusual lenses to the X-mount.

Anyway, this is getting a bit long now so I’ll end it here. It’s great to meet you all!


Colin Dow



We did the same steps, from X-M1 to X-T1. Amazing little camera the X-M1, but the lack of viewfinder can be annoying sometimes.

I hope you enjoy the forum!



Thanks very much! Yeah the X-M1 was ideal for learning a bit more about the technical side of photography and getting to grips with an interchangeable lens system. It served its purpose well for me.