Greetings from John in California


Recently switched from all Canon to all Fujifilm, and loving it. That says a lot, as I loved my Canon full frame gear and would still recommend it to anyone interested. But I wanted smaller size, and I think I got very similar image quality to boot, so I’m pleased. Mostly landscapes, travel, some street and people. Increasingly B&W.

X-T20 (infrared converted)
16-55 f2.8
50-140 f2.8
23 f1.4
12 f2.8 (Leitz)

Instagram: johnromiephoto


Welcome on board John! I would love to see some of your infrared work, it’s an area I want to explore one day…


I have some from a former Canon conversion on my website, and as instagram posts. The X-T20 conversion is pretty recent, and I’m working “getting the bugs out” and learning the best post process workflow. After that, I’ll certainly post some IR pics!