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 My name is Alan, from Boston, MA.  Have been a long-time photographer, mostly using Canon Gear, and more recently, Fuji.   I started with the Fuji X-E1, and found the performance of it unbearable, and sold it off.  Next, I purchased the Fuji XT-10 and really liked it.  At the time I had decided that I didn't want to get in to the interchangeable lens use and purchasing, so I sold it as well.  I now have the Fuji X100F, and love it.  I love the simplicity of it as well as the limitations of it.  Limitations meaning you have to work more to get your shot.  You need to slow down, zoom with your feet, and become more intentional with your photography.  It's a relief.  I like limitations.  No one can dispute the quality of Fuji gear, and the X100F raises the bar on performance, style, and I love the Fuji film simulations.  I'm happy to be part of the group, and look forward to be a member.  Have been following Fuji since the arrival of the X100, some years back.  Although I tend to use my Canon Gear for some areas of photography that I love, such as youth sports, the Fuji goes out with me for day trip and when I want to travel light.
I don't use Instagram, but I do use Flickr:

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I’m from the south shore :v:t3:


Nice. I actually live a little North of Boston, but I love to go in to town and walk along South Boston and the waterfront, beautiful area.