GFX 50R Portraits


I am loving the files coming out of the GFX 50R, the detail is incredible. I am looking forward to getting some prints done. The great thing about such big files is you can crop in to create a different image with out losing quality.
Anyway, i did another shoot the other day and here are a few images i wanted to share.

All taken with the 63mm f2.8

Some words about it here Shooting Fashion with the GFX 50R

My idea was a simple test with the same background. I took around 2.5hrs to shoot it all. I ended up doing 2 edits, one for black and white and 1 for colour.

Would love to see what people prefer?

1/125sec f/2.8 ISO:250

1/250 ISO:125 f/4

1/320sec f/2.8 ISO:100

1/320sec f/2.8 ISO:100


Here is a 100% screen shot of the beauty portrait… some much detail. :heart_eyes: