GFX 50R images


Anyone out there using this beauty yet? Would love to see what you are all shooting with it.

I haven’t had much time to shoot yet but have fired off a few shots and i am loving the camera.

I put some thoughts down here GFX 50R first impressions

ISO 100 : 1/250s : f/8

ISO 100 : 1/125 : F/2.8

ISO 100 : 1/125 : F/4.5

ISO 400 : 1/125 : F/3.2


Love the #Egglestoning


2-3-4 are very nice…


Well spotted! I saw the homage waiting to be paid!


Great impressions and some wonderful results. Looking forward to see more of your GFX50r images in the future, thank you for sharing them here.


Thanks rokphish!


Thanks Samuel, I am trying to find the time to use it, as of now its a very expensive desk ornament! I need to get better at planning shoots.


Another quick snap from my GFX 50R, a car park portrait outside my office of Beliza one of my retouchers!

I did a screen shot at 100% i think shutter speed is something you need to watch hand held with a larger sensor, this image is not as sharp as it could be. The fall off in focus is something very special though.

1/125sec : ISO 100 : F2.8


wow, cool beans!