Fujifilm YouTuber / Vloggers!


Hey everyone in Fujifeedland!

I thought I’d introduce myself as a YouTuber and also open the invitation for other YouTube photographers to introduce themselves :+1: Post your name, where you’re from and your favourite video about Fujifilm below :arrow_down:

My name is Joe Allam, I’m originally from the UK and I run a YouTube channel about travel photography and have been shooting a lot with Fujifilm cameras over the past year. Most recently, I picked up an X100F and can honestly say it’s been one of my favourite purchases in a long time!

Hello from Seattle, WA

Hey Joe, I’m not a vlogger but I do enjoy your videos a lot! Of course, your X100F shoot with Dave (shoottokyo) was great. Keep up the great content!


Hey Joe, it was nice to meet you finally in Cologne! I moved this topic into the “videography” category, where it makes more sense for it to reside! Hope you are well.


Thanks for the invite @zellersamuel. Hi @joeallam.

I also do some YouTube stuff that focuses on Fuji, and sometimes my wife makes an appearance. Here’s a video about my Fuji lens lineup:

Hey there, I'm Palle Schultz