Fujifilm X-T3 rear dial


Does anyone uses the X-T3? In mine I find that the rear dial command is very difficult to use. Almost each time it activates the push of the dial (another fonction) and it doesn’t turn properly without using the thumbnail. Is mine having a problem or do you get the same issue?
Thanks you for your comments. Alex


If you can stop by the store to compare with their X-T3, that would be good. Otherwise, perhaps you just need to get used to it.
I have other fuji cameras and the xt3 has more resistance (perhaps due to better WR implementation), but now I don’t notice it (gotten used to it).


Indeed I have to go to a shop to compare it to another X-T3…I’ll do that. Have a good day and thanks for your advice.


I’m an XT3 user, and no I don’t have that problem. So definitely get your camera checked.


I was used to the X-T2, and kept pushing it in for weeks on the X-T3. It still feels too tight, but I never had to use my thumbnail to turn it. I think they overdid the dial tightness a bit on the X-T3.


I want to a shop as suggested and I found that the X-T3 they had has the same issue. It is maybe normal but for me to small and to tight, for me.


I had the same issue, but I find that when I put downward pressure on the dial while turning it, the problem goes away. The key is not to push it in while turning it. Downward pressure keeps you from doing that. Hope this helps.


Thanks for the tip.


It does work a little better, good idea. I’ve tried a third X-T3 and it’s the same! This camera is fantastic but this rear dial, for me, is quite annoying! Coming from Nikon DSLR it’s day and night regarding the dials. Fujifilm, please fix it on the next model, make a slightly bigger rear dial and maybe forget about the push:-)