Fujifilm X-T3 for astrophotography?


X-T3 came out recently and I saw mixed reviews in terms of low light capability. Has anyone used it for astro and can share some images? Maybe someone had/has X-T2 and XT-3 and can do a direct comparison?


I’d be interested in seeing some X-T3 - X-T2 night scene comparisons, too. From checking the X-T2 & X-T3 on Photons to Photos (http://www.photonstophotos.net), I can’t say any of the differences look like much more than sample variation. These are only consumer-grade sensors, after all, not something you’d find in a Finger Lakes or SBIG camera. The X-T3 might take a little quality hit from having more photosites dedicated to AF than the X-T2, but I suspect that would be hard to notice. DPR does show a high-ISO example where the X-T3 is a little worse than the X-T2 – at 12800. Bit of an edge case, there. Several people say real-world X-T3 low-light photos are better. Statements of sensor differences tend to be highly exaggerated, to put it kindly. (Search DPR forums for examples of a bunch of people making contradictory conclusions from the same data.) Another thing to be aware of is differences in JPEG processing, since there isn’t widespread raw support for the X-T3 yet.


Also, I think ISO Invariance test would be appreciated. I use this feature a lot on my X-T10, I shoot in ISO800 and change the exposure in postprocessing.