Fujifilm X Raw Studio


… and so I was reading the news about the latest firmware and found it enables support for Fujifilm X Raw Studio… Maybe a competitor for Iridient? Hopefully it gives a free solution to solve the known issues with sharpening in LR…


If Raw Studio has finer controls then there would be less need for me to use lightroom.


A bit of a joke that it only works on tether and with just four of the newest camera models. I began to seriously rethink this whole Fuji thing when the masters of kaizen refused to give the well-liked X100T more than one firmware update in the hope that people would buy the follow-up X100F instead.
To me this RAW converter, which is apparently not backward compatible to ‘legacy’ cameras like the X-Pro1 or the X100/S/T, continues this trend for both Fuji and for me.


My investment in Iridient continues to pay off. What this really is about is Fuji unable to effectively offload RAW transformation to a desktop processor. They’re basically taking the easy way out by the camera’s ASIC than doing good programming to make a standalone RAW converter that does the job just as well.


I wonder how much more this is going to offer over batch conversions using the in camera jpeg settings…

Let’s see…