Fuji xt1 felt warm and suddenly would not turn on


I took it back to Sammys camera and they sent it to Fuji.
Fuji says its the main board or circuit board i believe that has gone bad?
I have spent so much money on fujui lenses and also purchased the x100t before the XT1
so I am very upset that the camera has stopped working and is costing me money to fix.
I also am with out a camera now for probably 4 to 5 weeks. Camera rentals are not cheap and I use my camera for work almost everyday so I am feeling pretty discouraged with Fuji right now.
I’ve owned a Nikon and a Sony before this for years and never had anything like this happen.
I feel like I got a lemon because it is not acceptable to me that this camera would break down when it isn’t that old.
The camera felt warm and it felt like the warmth was coming from the battery area.
Fuji says its not the batteries its the board.
Has anyone else had this problem?