Fuji XT-2 new firmware problem?


Today, Fuji annonuced the new firmware version for the XT-2, which is the 4.00. I personally have waited for this update to come, since it adds internal F-Log recording and 120p video. Since I installed it on the camera, when I half press the shutter, the EVF starts blinking like crazy! If you take the picture anyway, the image looks right. This blinking doesn’t happen if you put the camera in any semi-automatic mode, but in manual, shooting becomes a nightmare. Does anybody know if this is a firmware problem?

Please help!


While I haven’t had any issues myself, I’ve read in a few posts on Facebook where doing a factory reset has cured the issue. Make sure you note all of your settings so you can set the camera back up the way you had it prior to the reset. Good luck.


When in any automatic mode go to menu>button dial>shutter AE >off solves thebprobkem or reset


Today, Fuji launched the 4.01 version of the frimware, which fixes the issues but it downgrades the camera to version 3.00 until Fuji fixes the problems. Since the Shutter AE turned off solves the flickering, I’ll wait for the next update to come. Any of you are going to downgrade?