Fuji XT-1 freezing


Hey guys. I’ve been having a problem with my fuji xt1 freezing. After about taking about 200 photos it starts to freeze. The only way to get it to work again is by taking the battery out and putting it back in again. It freezes when I do the following things:

Taking pictures
Playing back photos
Changing settings in the main menu.

Anybody had this problem and know how to fix it?

Thanks in advance
Jonty Shapiro

  1. Try updating the firmware.
  2. Try checking/verifying memory card and battery (use different ones.
  3. Go to Fujifilm service center have it look at.


I’ve tried different memory cards and batteries, I’ve even tried using the camera without a memory card after it starts freezing while taking pictures.

It is also on the most recent firmware.


Would that be 200 photos in a day, a week, rattled off in one go?

Tbh I’d be looking at Nikon/Canon if that happened to me. But then again I am not a fanboi and more of a pragmatic person. Something is only useful as long as it fulfills its purpose. My Fujis give me Leica feel and quality without the red dot markup. When they stop doing that I’ll look elsewhere.


Take it to service center and have it look at.


am sure some one mention this, but fuji is aware of it, one way is take the battery in out and in if nothing works that will.

I heard that the xt-3 has the same problem and fuji update the firmware.

just a though.