FUJI X-T10 Thumb Grip - Where to buy?


I am living in Barcelona right now and my Fuji XT10 Thumb grip has fallen off and I have no idea where it is.

I contacted the official Fuji parts dealer here in Barcelona and they told me that it will cost €22.72 which I think is too high (about $35 CDN for a small rubber piece)!!!

Does anyone in Europe know the cheapest place I can find an XT10 thumb grip that won’t cost me an arm and a leg??


Actually, I think it might be called something else, not a thumb grip, maybe a thumb rest? Could someone please tell me what the correct name for this part is?


i saw some listings on ebay with key words x-t10 thumb rubber.
you might want to verify with fuji again.
here in indonesia, having some part problem with the leather/skin of the camera they replace the whole thing for the fix price similar to what you said earlier. so perhaps it’s the same over there. that amount for the whole rejob not just the small piece.