Flash/speedlight/softbox question



I need a little bit of help and expertise from you guys for my upcoming portraiture project.
I have been trying to search the interwebs for supported external flashes to my X-T10 but I’m honestly clueless. I keep hearing and reading about the Godox system that it is good but when I check their site there is basically no one of their flashes that support the Fuji X system? What is this sorcery!

I read this article yesterday over at fujilove.com ( https://fujilove.com/the-minimal-set-up-for-gorgeous-portraits-x-t10-56mm-and-one-flash/ ) and from what I could comprehend is that he is using a Godox AD360 and his results are pretty much exactly what I was going for except my photos probably will be black and white.

Is there some type of list with supported flashes for the Fuji X system somewhere? Help me! Advise me!

Cheers /D


To get you started,

For speedlight: TT350F, TT685F, TT860iiF (Godox also offer the same types for other brands, change the F to N, or C, etc.)
TT600 is a universal one can work with Fuji and other brands.

Trigger: X1T-F (any speedlight above also can function as a trigger)

I think the rest will work universally, the AD200, AD360, etc.

This might help a bit too. Add TT350 beside the TT685.


@rokphish, Thank you so much for the answer and the image you attached.
That explains alot to me.

I actually was thinking about getting that portable AD360 and a FT16 with the FTR-16 since I’m not going to do any HSS or TTL shoots within this project of mine. Now I just have to find a retailer that actually sells this specific flash plus the transmitter/reciever.

Cheers /D


By the way, I like your stuff at instagram!


Heh, my Instagram? You mean Jessicas? Or the pictures/work with me in them? :wink:

She is a great photographer anyhow!

http://www.facebook.com/perdanieljansson/ - some more of my modeling stuff :slight_smile:


Oopsies… My bad… Good shots of you too then…


Hehe, no worries! But honestly, if those where my pictures did you actually think I would have asked about studio lighting and flashes? She is sponsored by Profoto :wink: Hehe


That thought went across my head for a second yesterday, but I gave the benefit of the doubt and just answer per the question instead of assuming. Ha!

Also, might be the question pertaining speedlights that work exclusively with Fuji camera, which might not be the case or used in those ig photos. Ha!

I’m just rambling now…


Hahaha, I’m an expert rambler so no problem mate!

Another question, are there any speedlights/flashes for Fuji x system out there with continuous light/model light? I’m not 100% sure I want that flash thing on my project. And truth be told I’m having troubles finding the Godox system in Scandinavia… :thinking:


Perhaps Yong Nuo as alternative for manual speedlights. YN560iv is favorite. They now also have YN660 with bigger power. Trigger YN560TX is favorite.
Sorry, don’t know about continuos speedlight. Perhaps in the video light department.
Yong Nuo has some led stuff, and also has a light saber led thing, it might work for you. YN360.


Thanks buddy, I’ll go and check those out and see if I can purchase those without the fuss Godox is giving me…


might want to wait for others to chime in…


Yeah I have no need to rush things really since this little project of mine is still in my head…


Speedlight and modelling lights don’t really mix. The only thing I’ve ever seen was a single LED attachment for the AD360… and I think that was more to give you an idea of what you were pointing at.

If you want modelling lights you’ll want to go to the next step up: monoblocks (AD 600, Alien Bees, Broncolor Siros, Profoto B1…)

If you are talking about not using flashes and shoot with continuous lighting then there are many Tungsten and/or LED fresnel systems available and some are priced quite agressively (Aputure for example, second hand Lowel stuff).


@scotthardy.co.nz, Thank you so much for your comment and explanation. This helps alot but it also made me rethink everything I had planned in my head. But that’s a good thing, I need to really think this over, what kind of lighting I want to be using for my project. I’m quite well customed to be infront of the Profoto B1 system but I’m really not willing to pay that kind of money as a hobbyist just having a bit of fun exploring this side of photography. Maybe I should start off with just getting myself a pair of speedlights that are rather cheap and see if that’s what I’m looking for?


Sure, you cannot go wrong with Yongnuo or Godox if just starting out. You can also look at quartz lights for cheap continuous lighting.

Keep in mind that with ingenuity (and the liberty granted by super clean high ISO) you can pretty much create a lighting scene with household LED lights.

This image below was created with a pendant light and a work light directed into a yellow glass vase in my kitchen. I metered for the light on the bracelet and then applied ND gels on the work light to bring it where I wanted it to be. If there’s a will there’s a way.


I started my light journey with the XT1 and an inexpensive speedlight set up. I used the Yongnuo YN560-TX transmitter (I have the ‘Nikon’ flavour but it works on my Fuji) and a Yongnuo YN560 III speedlight. Seriously you can get them and a shoot through umbrella and still have change from $200. My 2 cents anyway, I don’t geek out on ‘flash’ gear. I love my spensy strobes of course, but I didnt buy them until I had played with artificial light for a while and knew what I wanted (I still use my Yongnuo at most shoots BTW). Also speedlights are so portable, they fit in your bag and run on AA batteries. Very versatile piece of kit. I grow and change direction in photography so often, I try not to invest too heavily in anything until I’ve given it a good go at and know it’s for me.


Fuji XT1 + Yongnuo YN560-TX transmitter and a Yongnuo YN560 III speedlight through a shoot through umbrella.
I dont even think I used a light stand for this shot. I bought a Westcott Speedlite ProGrip so I could take the light anywhere including outdoors without a light stand (you do need another human though, but they are pretty easy to come by).


What Scott said!!! 100% Love this Scott!
“If there’s a will there’s a way.”
My favourite part about this whole photography journey is the problem solving. Making something with nothing, thinking on my feet to DIY and create with what resources I have. $6 piece of sheer fabric = defuser. $2 Car sunshade at op shop = silver reflector. White building = bounced light. 50c piece of tulle wrapped across half my lens = tilt shift… well not quite, but you get the idea. Be creative :smiley:


Same set up. Speedlight and umbrella in my garage (square image is TriX film though).
I’ll stop posting now, you get it, I love and would recommend keep it simple :slight_smile: