Flash and XT3

I am still in the discovery of Fuji XT3 and I have a new question (which must be really simple since I did not find anything on the forum… which can mean that I am alone to have this problem, and that therefore, it is forcibly me who missed something :))
If I’m in a dark place and need the flash … I do not see anything in the viewfinder (necessarily, since the place is dark).
I thought that, when I turn on the flash, it would illuminate the viewfinder the viewfinder (or monitor) so I can focus and framing … well it do not (but … again … I’m sure it’s me who misses something really simple … but I just changed from Nikon D850 to Fuji XT3 … and I discovered cases that I did not have before… :) )
I hope I have been clear in my explanation ( and my English translation:))
In advance, thank you s someone has the solution :)
(Before coming to bother you, I asked the question to customer service in France … unfortunately, I’m still waiting for the answer :))

Hello and I hope you are enjoying your XT3. I sure do love mine!

You are experiencing a common question on mirrorless cameras. Do some reading into “exposure preview.”

When exposure preview is ON - you see what the final image will look like (a preview). However, when the camera does not know the settings of the flash, it shows you the under exposed image it thinks you will get. (not 100% sure if this is true with a flash using TTL… hmmm, I’ll have to check that.)

When I’m using studio or off camera or off brand flash, I turn exposure preview OFF. Then what you see is just a usable image to help frame and focus. (You will not see the final exposure)

(BTW - exposure preview is one of the big advantages of mirrorless. DSLRs show you a frame/focus only image and you don’t know if you got the exposure right until after you shoot. Yes there is “preview mode” on some DSLRs, but it limits many functions of the camera and isn’t as accurate as mirrorless)

You can toggle exposure preview (and white balance preview) on your Fuji here:

Menu -> SET UP (wrench) -> Screen set-up -> Preview exp./WB in Manual Mode -> “preview EXP./WB” - “Preview WB’ - 'Off”. (three choices)

It is fairly well buried - and I have to stop and think every time I change this setting. I have not yet figured a way to assign this setting to a button. (Not that I’m talking about it, I’m going to try again)

Hope that works for you! Happy shooting.

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well - how about that.

I got this function programed into a button for quick access!


  • press and hold DISP/BACK until functions settings assignment screen appears (that’s pretty cool all by itself, isn’t it!?)
  • scroll to the button you want to control exposure preview (I chose one of the buttons in the circle of buttons)
  • scroll through the 7 (!) screens of functions available to assign to this button
  • enjoy your camera’s new superpower

Note - This exposure preview on/off only works when you are in “manual” mode - on a FUJI that means you have selected ISO and Shutter Speed (neither one is in auto). So if you don’t see the button working, you probably are in auto SS or maybe auto ISO.

side note… One of the great new features of the XT3 is the light flicker reduction function - I just found that can be assigned to a button, too. Woohoo - no more digging for that one either!

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Great !
It works perfectly!
A real big thank you :slight_smile:

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And it’s a great idea, that … the button for quick access
Thanks again :)

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