First Ever Photography Talk - Advice?


Hey everyone,

I’m giving my first talk on photography (ever) to a crowd of about 20 tonight, and I’m getting kind of nervous. It is a general talk I will cover some basics of digital photography but mostly talk about perspective and composition.

I want to engage the audience and get them involved in a discussion. Does anyone have any recommendations for some good discussion questions I could throw out there?

Much appreciated!!!




Bring some small gifts for people that answers.
Lots of photo samples (good and bad).

Have fun and good luck!



Yeah we are giving out a bunch of free prints of my work :smiley:

Hopefully it all works out !


Ask them what they think makes a good composition

Assuming you get a fairly eclectic bunch of responses, then you could discuss how the various suggestions can be made to work, both as stand alone concepts and possbly integrated with one another

Which is what this post is… just a suggestion :grinning:


Awesome!! Great suggestion thanks a 100 million megapixels!!!