Film love! Mamiya C330 shooter


Excited to see an Analog category here!!! I too shoot mostly medium format film. My most used camera is the Mamiya C330 - I have the RB67 but that thing is a bus and I haven’t given it the proper time or lifted enough weights yet to really get used to it. Kodak Portra 160 pushed one stop and TriX are my film flavours of choice. Here is Portra160 shot at ISO 320 and pushed one stop in development, shot on Mamiya C330 in studio. Can’t wait to ‘meet’ more Analog and Fujifilm photographers.


Great capture! Thanks for sharing - need to put my C330 to work :slight_smile:


Nice tones and structure!
Used to have Mamiya C3 but moved to Rolleiflex (1962 Xenotar). I do my “scans” with X-Pro2 and the XF80 macro lens :slight_smile:

Delta 400, Atomal 1+0