Fashion & Portraits with the X series [X-H1 and X100F]


Hey all!

I’ve been doing a lot of urban fashion and portraiture work recently and some models/clients have been surprised when I turn up with Fuji cameras - I get the reaction less so when shooting with the X-H1, but when I’m working with the X-H1 and my X100F, I’ve had people be amazed that such small, retro looking cameras can create such beautiful imagery. Here are a few recent portrait shots I’m a fan of:

I’d love to see how others are doing similar things, and I’m sure I can’t be the only one who has had people question my smaller set up?


I have to think the more experienced the people are the less it matters what you show up with. I did a shoot with a model who asked if my X100 was a film camera, and when I said no she said “Oh, it’s a Fuji!”

Another one vastly preferred the Fuji colors to Canon on the back of the camera (I use both). I have to agree.

Your work is really nice, once they see it surely their minds start to change.


Yeah, a lot of the models I work with LOVE the colour reproduction on my Fujis (I tend to go Eterna/Classic Chrome on the X-H1, and CC or Acros on my x100f), so that’s a definite benefit!

And I think you’re definitely right RE: experience meaning they tend not to question it.

And thank you!


These are amazing! I love the images my X-T3 and seeing these inspire me!


Really enjoying the third photo of the man under the lights. Great technique