Fading away - Visual storytelling to lyrics


Now, after being on a sick leave for 3 weeks, not able to leave the house - as by Polish law, I am obliged to stay at home during my sick leave - I definitely did turn endless circles in my head. Questions, over questions and questions. Once my head started to sincerely hurt, I knew it was a wake-up call for action! So I set myself a new challenge: shooting indoor with artificial light sources. Something, I have never done before. And for sure, I wanted to implement my thoughts of the last weeks into those images. So I immediately messaged Theo, the first model I could imagine to fit to this series, shared my plan with her and invited her to my home.

This new challenge encouraged me to go a new path, even though I was afraid of failing at it. It gave me more confidence, released the mental stress in my head and fostered my creativity. As I constantly seek to grow as a photographer and artist I keep focussing on my goals only, forgetting what I have already achieved. And now, I finally came to this point looking back at my achievements. Only one year ago, I started shooting portraits and I can finally say that I am proud of myself and my hard work! I would have never considered to be able to take such images. I love them!

The whole series has been shot with my Fuji X-T1 and the 23mm F2.0 lens.


Interesting concept, nicely done.