Faces of me


I promised to a couple of you that I would keep you updated how my little project was going and the last month has been hectic both due to work and personal family stuff. However gear for my project has been coming along and I’m basically done ordering things online.

The only thing I’m still looking for is the backdrop and I’ve been searching around online of course but I felt that I really need to see the backdrops in person to really see what I’m looking for. I have a neighbour that is an artist, she paints the most heavenly sky/cloud/artsy paintings and she agreed to help me out with this and see what type of canvas and quality is best suited for photography.

Equipment this far.

  • 2 YongNuo Speedlite YN560IV
  • 1 YongNuo Controller YN560-TX
  • 1 3-stop ND-filter
  • 1 6-stop ND-filter
  • 80cm softbox
  • 60cm beauty dish
  • 80cm circular white/silver reflector

As you can see everything is quite portable, since that was what I needed for my project. To be able to travel rather light and see all my subjects and shoot them in the comfort zone of their homes or such.

Last couple of days I have been working on trying to get the lighting somewhere near what I wan’t and it’s been really tough since I really don’t know what the hell I’m doing.
I got some help from my father in law to model for me for maybe 30 minutes since taking some advanced selfies with all the gear going on was just impossible. Remembering exact placement of myself then small adjustments to camera and gear… I gave up but he rescued the situation and agreed.

I still got a long way to getting the light the way I want it but I feel I’m getting there.


Looking good, but a bit too tight of cropping on top for no reason for me.


Hehe, don’t worry mate. This is not how the final portraits will look at all. This is the first shot I took when he agreed to model for me. It’s just a test of the modifiers that I purchased. It’s indeed to tight and in landscape mode which isn’t what I really want.


Been very inactive with my project for a couple of months due to some family business and well life it self. FINALLY got to take my equipment out and actually use them. It’s not what the final pictures of my project will look like but it was a good creative rush towards the start of my project.