F2 or 1.4? New lens discussion


So I am loving my X-T3 and my only lens is the 35mm F2, but I want to add to my set up. I am a wedding photographer and I also shoot fashion portraits, I love the 35mm focal length and want to get the Fuji equal, so I am trying to decide between the 23mm F2 or 1.4 version. Any thoughts or suggestions?


Every couple of weeks I think about trading my X100 for an XPro2 so I could have more lenses, but the first one I would buy would be the 23 because I love its field of view so much. When the day comes, the 1.4 will be a hard sell for me because it’s a) twice the price, b) not weather sealed and c) huge.

Low light performance of the sensor is so good it is rare I ever want faster that 2.0 for light-gathering. Moar bokeh is up to your style :)


Thank you! I am looking at all the specs and I might want to rent them both out before I make a decision lol


Since you shoot wedding and portraits, I would recommend you have a look at the 56mm F1.2 which is a very (very!) good lens. Maybe the 90mm is even more flattering with portraits, but it’s going to be harder to use as you need to step back from your subject.
Specifically to your question, I’d go with the F2 aperture mostly for its faster auto-focus, size and weather-sealing. That’s my go-to lens for street ;)


I have both and I find myself using more often the 2.0, in fact is the default lens in my X-T3.

I can say the 1.4 is a superb lens, fast and sharp but big, heavy, and conspicuous. I usually take it with me only when I’m going to use a tripod looking for the best image possible (landscaping for instance) but if I want to walk the city and travel light my go to lens is the 2.0


Thank you! I am gonna rent both and test them both at a wedding


I am loving the size of the F2, it is amazing!


I have a 35mm f2 and a 23mm f1.4. Since I had the 35mm f2, I wanted to try a lens with the extra stop of light. I do love the lens. But, it’s pretty big and heavy on my camera bodies. I think the choice falls down to what you’ll use it for most. If street mostly, I don’t know that the extra stop matters so much.

I agree with getting the 56mm for a wedding. It takes beautiful portraits. :)