Express lens repair in Zurich, anyone?


Dear all,

I’m traveling in Switzerland (from USA) and I dropped my lens. It continues to work, but the bayonet mount is wobbly and it seems that it can be quickly repaired. Can anyone recommend a place in Zurich where it can be fixed quickly?

Thanks a lot!



what lens do you need? I could maybe lend you a f2 35mm and f2 23mm depending on how long you need it.

I would try to call into or (number for “Reperaturen / Werkstatt”). No personal experiences but what I hear they are solid shops.


Thanks so much for your kind offer. I will try to reach out to the shops you mentioned. In the worst case will keep using my lens handling it carefully. Appereciate getting back to me!


Answer I received from Fujifilm Switzerland (I forwarded them your email Serge) is that they don’t have any shop or partner in Switzerland who are doing repair. They have an official repair center in Europe where you can send your gear. Best is to contact a few shops and see if they can do it but it won’t be directly done by Fujifilm (unless you use their repair center in Europe)


Thanks a lot for getting back to me and for trying to help, Samuel. I will send my lens to Fujifilm service in the US once I’m back. I tried a couple of local shops, but unfortunately they were not able to help.