EF lens unleashed! First Fringer EF-FX user test



I am Ethan Lin, X photographer, from Taiwan.

I got Fringer EF to FX adapter yesterday, and started EF lens test.

This adapter made very well, no shake after install, got a usb port can be updated firmware, and AF / IS / aperture can work very…native

If you want to see other lens test , tell me which one you wanna see, and RAW file here:




Looking good!

Some would be excited for this adapter.


Hi there,
I am very interested in this adapter and noticed that there is a huge interest… at least the stock is already empty ^^

@EthanLin do you own Tamron lenses by accident wich you could test? Or do you have access to these? In particular the 18-400 would interest me, if it works as fluent as the tested ones it would be great.

Greetings and thanks


well, I hope I can find a Tamron 18-400 to test, you know it’s not a popular lens for now, but I am curiosity on it, too.

As I know that adapter just meet Chinese new year vacation, no worker now, so it might be shipping again till Mar.


Any chance you have access to a 300mm f4L IS? Have been thinking about picking up one of these adapters when they come back in stock, and that lens, to use for motorsports. I reached out to Fringer to ask about it and they said that PDAF probably won’t work unless they get one for testing and update the firmware. I’m not willing to spend all the $$ on the adpapter if the only use case I’m considering it for is not likely to work.


Tell them to rent one and update the firmware. Ha!


I will go to CP+, Yokohama, Japan,

and might some manufactory will support lens test, wish it be true.