Editing Fuji X-T3 Raw Files


My situation: Running an older stand alone version of LR Classic + My Macbook Pro is a 2011. (I actually tried updating to the new full Adobe suite with subscription but my display is too old to function with it so I had to cancel it- very frustrating - so, I just stayed with LR Classic; and also testing out C1 now).

I downloaded the free trial of C1 Full plus the C1 Fuji Express suite and am trying those out. But, the film simulations are not there yet. So who knows when C1 will get it and as far as I know the old LR Classic version I have will not be getting an updated Film Sim package…

So, my question: Will the detail loss be minimal if I use Silkypix to add the film simulations to the RAW files, make any necessary edits and then export the TIFF files to C1 Fuji Express and/or LR for final touches? It seems like this is the best work around and most cost effective route for me to take since C1FE is free and my old LR Classic is already installed.

I have done this with several photos and it actually looks okay to me. Has anyone else done this and what are your thoughts on the final quality going SP Raw + Film Sims > then to LR / C1?


Im not sure about the detail loss with silkypix, or your workaround but I was cornered in the same situation a while ago when Lightroom wasn’t able to process the Xt3 Raw files.

Not sure if you’ve seen this:

I ended up going back to LR as i couldn’t get used to C1, but as far as the image processing was fairly decent.


Hi, not sure either about your workaround, but i still use Lightroom standalone and am moving to Luminar 2018 which handles the Fuji raw files very well indeed. Luminar currently lacks Library type function like Lightroom, but new update due mid Dec 2018 to include this, free for current users.

all the best with your challenge.