Edit vs RAW megathread. Show us your edits!


It would be great to see how you edit your images. Use this thread to show us before and after. No matter which editing software you use (mentioning the software and what you did to achieve the result is always welcome).


Here’s one that I shot a while ago in Jungfraujoch. I was on an assignment for a client and they wanted a very clean look with plenty of white and desaturated blue skies. I shot everything underexposed by at least 1 stop (always a good idea when you shoot snow during the day). I created a look in Lightroom, starting from the Classic chrome film simulation. I used some radial filters to balance the light in the image. I also applied radial filters on the mountain range to dehaze them selectively (it helps bringing back their darker areas). There’s a small radial filter on the guy skiing to make it darker and more contrasted against the white snow. Using the tone curves I tweaked the blue, desatured them and made them more cyan.


My first contribution is a scene from a local wine festival in my town. I underexposed by one stop to preserve the details in the sky. In Lightroom, I cropped the image to center the food truck in the frame and then applied the Velvia film simulation as well as the Provia 100f – tone curve from VSCO to saturate my colors but reduce contrast. (It uses a reverse “S” curve) From there is just used radial filters to increase the exposure on the truck, the woman in the bottom left corner, and the trees in the mid ground.