My X-E2 is not a good sports camera. I don’t let this get in the way of trying. I shot this at a cyclocross event on the weekend. The shot for me is heavily influenced by what I might do in my street photography.


Great framing here! I like the diagonal created by the two white lines. The X-E2 isn’t fast to focus but when it does it produce really good images even for sports.

My main problem is buffer. RAW is a must for me which makes AF-C in drive mode like quick sand. In all fairness the focusing is ok with the latest firmware. So lots of zone focusing and being very patient with the timing of the shot will do the trick. I used an X-T2 for 2 weeks which pretty much resolves all these bottlenecks. The lens used here is the XF 55-200 at 95mm. Thanks for your kind words.

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Oh yes that’s right, the buffer on the X-E2 isn’t stellar… The X-T2 is miles ahead! It’s still an impressive shot considering the gear used!

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Shooting cyclocross is so much fun ! How was the 55-200 in this situation ?

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Hi Olivier. Cyclocross is not a big sport here in Australia but we did have the best from around the country on my doorstep on the weekend so had to make the effort to take some shots. This is the second time I have shot at a cyclocross event and enjoyed it very much. Mountain Biking is more popular with a number of these riders ‘crossing’ over. The hurt level out on course is very high…wow. I decided to use the 55-200 only for this event as I would normally 35f2 and get close tot he action. Nothing wrong with the 55-200, it focuses quick and takes a very sharp image. I found 200mm too long and 55 not wide enough at times. This might be because I am used to using the 35f2. I did think the 50-140 might be perfect for this sort of event but I don’t have it.

Here is another image at 90mm in a similar style to the first one using the bunting from the course as a creative defined element. I was finding the bunting a distraction so decided to try and work out ways to use it to enhance the image.

Love the composition and moment you captured. I love a gutsy B&W too. Nice!

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Thank you Carly, very kind :slight_smile:

Great shot. Composition is interesting and what I really dig is the rim lighting that separates the subject from the background. IF I were in your shoes I would really try to get jpegs to work for you so you can get more great shots. If you’re end result is B&W then you should be able to get this level of manipulation from jpegs. Just a thought.

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Thanks Mike. Yeah I can get better performance out of the X-E2 shooting jpg only. The problem I have is that when I shot film I wasn’t too careful about what I did with my negatives. I only, well mostly, have the prints to work with now. This is my biggest photography regret, not keeping good care of my negatives. So the RAW file is my negative these days, it is a must have for me. I am happy to compromise on using burst (drive), or, use it as a great excuse to upgrade the camera if I want better performance :slight_smile:

This image, well most of my images, have limited editing as I suck at post. I reapply the in camera settings including simulation on import to the RAW in LR, maybe a crop, and that’s about as much editing as I do.

I also shoot mostly RAW. I also shoot cycling events but I shoot jpegs when I do because I’m shooting many more frames then when I am doing architecture, landscapes, and portraits. To me RAW gives me the ability to make large adjustments to all or part of the file. I typically don’t need that much adjustment on photos taken outside and in good light. I may up the dynamic range a bit but the jpegs are always sufficient and make a good archive. Can you tell me why you prefer to archive RAW over jpegs?

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very well done…I race and love 'cross…as you said because of the hurt level it makes for great photos. equipment is a state of mind, I have shot Track Worlds in LA with my Leica, manual focus and HP5 with some decent results. UCI Track Worlds

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Hey Mike, Yes I agree with you, 100%. I have shot surfing, football (soccer) and many cycling events and I have fine tuned the X-E2 to pump out a pretty serious frame rate with jpg and clearing the buffer at a usable rate to go again. As you say a well exposed image doesn’t need much work and even less work if it’s framed and composed well. You are right :+1:

The basic reason is I want to get the best quality (well most information) in the file just in case I want to process it differently in the future. The main use I have for my images is printing. I create two photo books per year and an annual calendar as well as a photo wall of 12 images that is rotated annually and about another six prints that are replaced less regular as the whole family like them. I do change my mind on the look on some photos and mostly a change them from my preferred black and white to colour. Now having said that maybe only a very small amount of these prints are from sporting events so I could just go with the jpg’s as typically they have come SOOC pretty good first go.

I’m going to fess up here and say my previous camera (DSLR) had a frame rate of 3 shots per second with a maximum buffer of 9 shots, I don’t change equipment often :laughing: So I have become very deliberate in my approach to action photography and the limitations of my previous equipment have shaped this.

I might (will) just let loose at the next event and tack the shackles off and do as you suggest.

I really do appreciate you coming back to question my approach. Thanks Paul

Hi Lorenzo and thank you :slight_smile: Yeah equipment is just another constraint. I have really grown to like the X-E2. It does beg to go out with me all the time something my DSLR never did. Even though it has limitations I have no problems working with them.

Cyclocross is rarely run in adverse conditions where I live even though it is winter. In fact quite possibly ideal conditions for riding, racing, spectating and photography.

I have used the X-E2 across a number of sports and have achieved some great results just as you have with your Leica.

Thanks again

Here’s one I took with the X-T1 and the 35mm f2 at Cross Vegas last year


That is a cracker shot Lorenzo! Love it! I normally use the 35f2 for my cycling shots as well. Thanks for sharing. It would be great to get a collection of cyclocross images in this discussion. What settings did you use?