Confused about camera and Lightroom colour space


I’m relatively new to my XT-10 and Lightroom. What are the recommended colour spaces for each to work best together please? Some gurus say sRGB is all an amateur needs but Lightroom says use ProPhoto 16 bits.


Are you talking about the colour space for exporting from Lightroom to the web? If so, you should use sRGB (Adobe RGB 1998 is mostly made for print). ProPhoto RGB (8 or 16 bit) is mostly used for archiving your files (as .TIF for example) and for keeping them at the best quality (in case you delete the raw). Or for printing.


I was thinking of the colour space setting on the camera first. And second the Lightroom setting. Both have options (the XT-10 offers sRGB and RGB but Lightroom has more settings) and I want the best combination to work together as an amateur making my own prints.


Raw files have no color space, so setting it in camera has no effect on your workflow. It will only affect the JPEG. So the best combination would be to shoot RAW then work in Lightroom (with or without Iridient) and export as 16bit TIF files (ProPhoto RGB) and send those files to print.


Ah! Thank you.

The fog is beginning to clear a little.