Clicks for focal lengths on zooms


I wonder why Fuji do not have clicks on the marked zoom focal lengths.

The ubiquitous XF 18-55 mm f2.8-4 for example has markings for 18, 23, 35 and 55 mm. Of course 18 and 55 mm are not a problem, but setting 23 or 35 is always a hit-and-miss affair and never accurate.
Evaluating focal length use, for example when looking for a prime, becomes guesswork.

A little click, not a wrenching exercise, on the marked focal lengths on zooms would be a really neat thing.


That’s easy… So we buy the 23 and 35 primes instead…
Next question please… :yum:


So on a city tour I drag along the 18-55, the 23 and the 35 just so that I can set all 4 focal lengths precisely?

Sounds like an excellent idea. Much easier than providing soft clicks on (two of) the four marked standard focal lengths on the 18-55 zoom.

What is the point of marking them if you cannot set them?


Do you mean determining which prime lens to buy based on the focal length you enjoy/prefer on the zoom lens? I did that with Lightroom by sorting the metadata and seeing which focal lengths had the most images taken and I make my next prime purchases based off of that.
I would say just play with the zoom lens without looking at the focal length and see what your eye and style prefers. You might be surprised in what you really shoot at often :+1:


Yup, that is exactly what I mean.
And when I look in the LR metadata an example would be:
27 mm 69
27.2 mm 1
27.6 mm 2
27.7 mm 3
27.8 mm 3
27.9 mm 3
28 mm 36

With data spreads like that and trying to decide, for example, whether the XF 27 or the XF 35 is the next purchase, where does one draw the line? 27 ± 15% (22.95 - 31.95) and 35 ± 15% (29.75 - 40.25)? Overlap.
All I was saying is that a slight click at those focal lengths already marked on the zoom lenses anyway would be a good idea. Or why bother putting those markings on the zoom in the first place? It would not eliminate such spreads completely but I for one would certainly treat a zoom a little more like a collection of primes (which I fail to do due to the absence of a soft click on the prime focal lengths marked on the zooms).
Lightroom Dashboard gets rid of the decimal places but not the whole problem.


Gotcha. I totally get what you’re saying, I think I’m on the other side of the fence/discussion where I enjoy being able to set my focal length infinitely, but still know roughly where the 35mm equivalent or 50mm equivalent is. If there was a switch to engage/disengage the clicks it would be something I’d enjoy, but yeah I can see why you’d like that.

Not to go too off topic from your discussion on clicks again, but you can also try reading this for your next lens purchase. Canon puts together an amazing write up on every lens that they make, but with each prime lens they explain to a certain degree what that focal length excels in. Seeing that might help you decide based on your current interests in photography. Hope it helps!


Thank you for that. Off to look at it as soon as I finish typing here. I’m sure the Canon stuff can be abstracted to Fuji.

Btw: I do enjoy zooming zooms, don’t get me wrong. I am just trying to make a point for having a ‘notch’ at those prime focal lengths already marked on the lenses anyway for those times that it is of interest to actually hit that focal length and not some decimal up or down.

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I’m not too knowledgeable about lenses, but so far I haven’t come across and don’t know any brand nor any lens which have notch/click on the zoom part of the lens.

I settle on the nearest equivalent on the markers. Alternatively, I bought cheap manual/adapted lenses to see if I like the focal length. Many good choices for less than $50 and I have read many stories of people finding good to great lenses on the cheap at thrift stores and pawnshops and the likes.


That would drive me (and those around me at an event) crazy. F-stop ring makes sense tho.